So, I'm a Purdue University Graduate, currently being underutilized by the real world. As such, I have decided to make it my pet project to review food products that honestly I believe just don't get enough attention. In this case, as you may or may not have gathered, I've turned my appetite towards TV Dinners.

I divide the various reviews into 3 Sections
Instructions - How easy or difficult the package instructions are to follow.
Taste - How good or bad the product tasted.
Filling - If the TV dinner was filling. Keep in mind that I'm a big man, so my version of filling or not filling may not match yours.

If you have any suggestions for what you think I should take a shot at eating please let me know. I have just enough of a disposable income to make eating these things a full time hobby. I will try to add variety, and I will likely publish a review about every time I find and devour a new TV dinner.